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Jared Yeoward

Jared Yeoward is a photographer in Christchurch, New Zealand. He specializes in commercial, portrait, capturing moments through his lens with creativity and expertise.

Jared has worked with a variety of brands and businesses, creating visually captivating images that showcase their products and services. His portfolio includes fashion, beauty, lifestyle, products, among others, with a keen eye for detail and a creative approach to every project.


Jared has a talent for capturing the unique personalities and emotions of his subjects. From professional headshots he creates authentic Images his clients love.

His ability to connect with his subjects and create a comfortable environment allows him to capture natural and candid moments that truly reflect the essence of the individual.


Jared Yeoward has established himself as a skilled and reliable photographer. His passion for photography shines through in every project, and his commitment to delivering high-quality images that tell a story sets him apart in the industry.

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